Welcome To Health Savvy Consulting LLC.


Our Services

Our dedicated nutrition and public health professionals work closely with clients to guide them and help them achieve their goals.

Literature Reviews

Do you have a nutrition or public health literature review that needs to be completed for a work project? We can help with that. We will write your literature review based on the information you provide.

Project Planning

Need help planning a project? We can help you plan and implement projects in the community, church, PTA, after school program, etc.

Data Collection and Analysis

Do you need to collect and analyze data? Do you have data that needs to be analyzed? We can help with that. We various data analysis tools to help answer research questions.

Community Health Assessment

Do you need a community assessment? We will conduct an evaluation of the current situation in your community using systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis to help identify key health needs and issues.

Grant Writing

Do you need funding for a project but are too busy or do not know how to write a grant? We will write grants to help fund your, company, community, or group initiatives.

Menu Planning

Are you too busy and find it challenging to figure out what to cook? Let us help you! We use basic nutrition principles to plan menus for families, institutions, and individuals.

Nutrition Education Sessions

Do you want to have a positive relationship with food? We provide group or one-on-one nutrition education sessions that help people to have a positive relationship with food. We emphasize the basic principles of nutrition and the benefits to positive health outcomes. We work with food pantries, church groups, individuals, families, clubs, etc.

Health Promotion

Do you need someone to talk about the benefits of health at a conference, in-service training, or webinar? Come to us for a speaker on various health promotion topics such as eating well with chronic disease, the benefits of eating healthy, healthy eating on a budget, connection between financial health and nutrition.

Culinary Training

We provide culinary training for culinary staff of various organizations, Trainings include culinary math, basic and fundamental meal preparation techniques, food safety, meal planning.

Culinary Demonstrations

We provide culinary demonstrations for pantries, church groups, YWCA, PTA’s, after school programs, Boys and Girls club, etc.